Each day we bring our expertise to bear as we create toys and games with a difference, based on new, original ideas, using noble and natural materials.

How a product is created Zigolo

What are the main steps to creating a Janod toy?
We will demonstrate using an example: the Zigolo range penguin.

1 The idea

The product must first meet a market need, but the creative aspects very quickly come to the fore in order to make this new item a lovely, on-trend toy well-suited to the age of the child at which it is aimed.

For this particular toy, inspiration came late at night while watching a documentary about penguins and their chicks. The shape of these irresistibly cute balls of fluff clearly resembled a stacker and rocker toy.

2 The first sketches take shape...

The rough drafts of the bird quickly take shape on the corner of a desk with paper and felt-tip, and we are already thinking about the materials that will make a wooden toy into a lovely cute companion. In this case, beech, thin felt and water-based paint seem to be natural choices.

The colours are also chosen. They are not only “on-trend” but also have a certain realism...a very deliberate and contemporary black for the head, rather daring for a toy, natural wood, a slightly metallic grey and a pretty pastel blue for the base.

3 Modelling and prototype

Once the rough drafts are approved, the computer comes into play. A graphic tablet and stylus are used and the toy takes almost definitive shape with the help of 2D and 3D software. 

We then edit the technical files that are crucial to creating the models and prototypes, reworking the dimensions, colours and materials to be used for starting production. 

Our development team monitors this very important phase, ensuring that the specifications are followed as the first models are made.

4 Product manufacture gets under way

Once the prototype is approved, we begin manufacturing. The penguin becomes a little cutie ready to take its place under the lights in our photo studio. The following stage is the creation of the packaging. Careful attention is taken over this stage: the packaging created by our graphic designers must be appealing and ensure that the toy is protected.

5 Market launch

The stacker and rocker toy is finally presented at trade fairs to our clients, specialist toy shops who then choose to welcome it onto their shelves ready to meet the mums, dads and little ones who will adopt it!

The creation of a toy is an exciting process that takes a year, from the original idea to its final market launch.

A year of creative debate, doubt and questioning! A year full of communication between toy professionals, designers, graphic designers, product managers, and the rest of the marketing team, to offer the very best to our little ones.

Product focus Zigolo
Wood: beech Felt ears On-trend colours Metal neck Matt water-based paint Wood: cherry wood Leather paws FSC®-certified wood Apparent simplicity
Quality & safety
Packaging: constant attention to detail

Packaging is important and is also part of the product concept, as for example with the Magneti’book. This includes quality, useful, practical and reusable packaging such as the round puzzle boxes, the cardboard boxes with handles used for certain games such as the little chick game, and the metal sardine tins of the fishing game, etc.

High-quality materials
  • FSC-certified wood: Wood from responsibly-managed forests that preserve biodiversity, ecology and renewable resources, and also protect the rights of indigenous peoples. Only those products identified as such on this site are FSC®-certified.
  • Cardboard: We pay particular attention to the thickness used to ensure the quality of puzzles and their durability over time.
  • Diverse textiles: We are combining more and more new materials with wood in order to develop babies’ and toddlers’ sense of touch.
toy durability

Janod toys are toys to be kept and passed on.


Toys that meet all standards and regulations in force so that our children can play safely. All our toys conform to the French and European standards and regulations currently in force. They carry the CE mark as proof of this conformity.

Checks & testing+
Checks & testing

Toys are checked throughout their product life:

  • Risk assessment during development
  • Tests in certified laboratories
  • Checks during production
  • Continuous improvement throughout product life