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Janod box: our toy boxes by age

Our collection of toy boxes for babies and children, designed with a psychomotor therapist

Support your child's learning at each stage of their development, from 12 to 36 months, with our toy boxes developed in collaboration with a psychomotor therapist. Enjoy detailed information on the educational benefits of each toy and find information concerning your child's areas of development thanks to the explanatory leaflet included.

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Find the ideal Janod Box

Janod Box - 12 months

Stimulate their sensory awakening

Janod Box - 18 months

Refine their fine motor skills

Janod Box - 24 months

Work on their concentration

Janod Box - 36 months

Develop their reasoning skills

"I have been working with Janod for 7 years. When creating this Janod Box range, we wanted to offer toy boxes that allow children to develop different motor, sensory and cognitive skills. Each box is designed according to a specific age group in the child's development and helps to awaken them and guide them in learning new skills."
State certified Psychomotor therapist

Enjoy numerous advantages

Professional advice

This toy box range was developed in collaboration with a psychomotor therapist. You benefit from explanations of the games in the included booklet, which allows you to make the most of their full potential to help your child progress.

Child development

Your child is growing and his areas of development are multiplying. To better understand how he discovers the world, and therefore how to support him at each age, you will find useful information in the leaflet provided.

Games adapted to each age

By choosing a box of toys adapted to the child's age, you are guaranteed to offer them the right toy at the right time. He then benefits from games always adapted to his development, and takes pleasure in learning while having fun, alone or accompanied.

Variety of toys

In each of our boxes, 4 wooden and/or cardboard toys are included. With them, your child awakens his senses, refines his gestures, develops his fine motor skills, his cognitive functions and his reasoning ability...

Support for parents

Thanks to the information in the booklet, you learn how to use the games: what skills they allow your child to develop, what abilities your child has at a specific age, etc.

Design and durability

Janod toys are made to last! Here, they are the result of close collaboration between the design teams and early childhood specialists. All wooden and/or cardboard toys offered are FSC™ certified.

Download the booklet to get the most out of the toys

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