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Enjoy the outdoors !

Summer and winter, children love to go out and play in the fresh air! And this is a very good thing because it allows them to let off steam, to... Read more

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Croquet Grand Huit Applepop
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Croquet Grand Huit Applepop

Put your hands in the air, the attraction is about to start! Get ready for an excitement-filled adventure with this wooden croquet game designed for children aged 3 years and up! This game has been designed to ensure many an hour of fun and laughter for 2 or more players, and therefore includes: 6 coloured hoops, 2 mallets and 2 wooden balls. This funfair-style game of skill is decorated with vivid, colourful hues. Besides being lots of fun, this game is also a great children’s developmental tool: it helps improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination; essential skills for your little one's growth and development. Each player must use the mallet to hit the wooden ball through the hoops with as few hits as possible. To alternate play, you can add the numbers found on the characters or prompt children to use the hoops in ascending or descending order! This challenge requires dexterity and precision. Patience and concentration will be key if your child wants to win! This outdoor game can be used both indoors or outdoors, making it the perfect choice for parties, family gatherings or having a fun afternoon at home. The children-suitable mallets measure 9 x 3 x 51 cm. In their cars, our animals are about to take part in a crazy journey! Some are not very reassured, but they are putting on a brave face to experience and discover new sensations. Get ready to make unforgettable family memories with this wooden croquet set from the APPLEPOP range; a collection of fun and quirky funfair-inspired games. This outdoor game is made from FSC™-certified wood.

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Muddy Lab - Outdoor Kitchen

Muddy Lab - Outdoor Kitchen

Why not try your hand at open-air cooking with this Muddy Lab: it is ready to introduce children aged 3 years and up to a whole host of experiences in the great outdoors! Once the ideal location has been found in the garden or on a terrace, little ones will simply have to put their imagination into gear to enjoy the richness of nature and everything that surrounds us! A little soil, a few blades of grass, water, pretty flowers... mix, experiment, observe and learn whilst having fun! And why not plant your own pots on this outdoor workbench or potting table? You can imagine anything with this pine pretend toy that has been specially treated for outdoor use. This actual laboratory for nature discoveries is perfectly equipped to satisfy all garden adventurers, thanks to its 2 sinks and 2 small removable plastic pots which will allow little ones to go in search of ingredients for secret potions! A real tap makes cleaning easy: simply fill the tub and then open the tap from right to left to let the water flow! A metal sieve and a paintbrush are also provided to facilitate your little explorer’s research. Finally, for all their discoveries, your child will have 2 pieces of chalk and a detachable writing surface. The worktop is 56 cm high. The Muddy Lab is made of FSC® wood. Wood is an organic material and therefore, some boards may have knots and colour variations. Protect the product from bad weather.

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... spend themselves and to evacuate all their excess energy! So that they can make the most of it, Janod has imagined a complete selection of outdoor games: from the wooden balance bike to the game of skittles, via the kite, nothing has been forgotten.
Jumping, running, climbing, scaling, marveling, playing, learning... The outside world is an unlimited and incredibly rich playground for children. And what could be better than climbing on a Janod wooden balance bike to ride through it with your hair in the wind?

It is the ideal solution for children who are not yet pedaling and who need to gain confidence and balance. Designed for children aged 2 to 6, Janod wooden balance bikes will teach little girls and boys to coordinate their movements, develop their balance on 2 wheels and prepare for the transition to cycling.

Scalable balance bike, wooden scooter, vintage balance bike or large balance bike, which model will you fall for? And for a safe ride, consider equipping your intrepid little one with a helmet.
Janod also offers a large selection of wooden outdoor games, for fun with family or friends in the garden, in the park, in the forest and even at the beach!

Wooden skittles, stilts, beach rackets, archery set, skipping rope, croquet, petanque... Whatever your choice, you will share wonderful moments with your family.

Does your child celebrate his birthday with his friends and are you looking for ideas for outdoor activities? Janod has thought of everything with its “Birthday party” range, which includes festive and fun games such as the famous “chambole-tout”, the classic fairground ring toss and even the egg race! And for little budding gardeners, discover the gardening range for children with wheelbarrow, shovel and other watering cans.