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Janod - Play for Change!

Learn, develop and laugh through play

Janod is a French brand that specialises in designing wooden and cardboard toys and games. The brand effortlessly transcends generations by adapting to the needs and expectations of its target audience, whilst appealing to parents’ fond childhood memories.

The Janod story

1970: The year in which the wooden activity toy was first developed by Louis Janod – the brand’s founder – in the Jura region of France. This former wood turner – initially an importer and distributor of his own products – gradually decided to try his hand at designing his own collections. Since then, Janod has continued to develop and diversify.

50 years later, more than 100 people

are now committed to Janod’s founding principle: to make children laugh and grow.

Our vision

Growing up is a wonderful adventure, and for that reason, we are an endless source of inspiration.

Our mission

Having a helping hand in children’s development and getting them ready to explore the world as it is now and one day could be.

Our ambition

Seeing kids unwittingly learn and understand, without perhaps even intending to.

Our expertise

Janod is here for you

In this quest for the best for your children, Janod's team will be at both your children’s and your side on a daily basis. The team invents games suited to different ages, chooses the most appealing materials and colours, and specifies the skills required, in order to make games that become catalysts for joy and sharing.

Focus on innovation

We aim to be ever more innovative and strive to constantly improve until perfection is reached. On a daily basis, we are committed to increasingly sustainable supply methods, using less packaging materials and even having a reduced carbon impact. We have started seeing progress and our teams are working very diligently to ensure that our brand and products have less impact on the environment.

Our creative team

Our design department is currently 15-people strong. This Jura-based creative team closely collaborates with our Quality department, day in, day out. The team constantly revisits great toy classics and invents the games of tomorrow, in order to offer beautiful products that are funny, contemporary, durable, suitable for children and made from noble materials.

What guides us on a daily basis:

Taking pleasure in doing things well, making them beautiful, providing joy and seeing that same joy plastered on children’s faces.


The idea

Products must first meet market demands, but once this has been ascertained, they are subjected to an extensive creative process to ensure that the new toys are attractive, trendy and well suited to the intended age range.


First sketches & formalisation

The toy quickly takes shape on the corner of a desk in paper or felt. Despite being rough drafts, designers will have already extensively considered which materials to use to transform a wooden product into a cute and friendly companion. The colours will have also already been decided. Timeless yet lively colours, as the right colour and shade can help truly bring a product to life.


Modelling and prototyping

Once the rough drafts have been approved, computers now come into the equation. Graphic tablets and styluses are used, whilst 2D and 3D software will help the toy’s final look more or less take shape. It’s then time to produce all the production-essential technical documents for models and prototypes: the dimensions, colours and materials to be used during the production phase. Our development department then monitors this ultra-important phase to ensure that the specifications are respected when producing the first models.


Starting the product production phase

Once the prototype has been approved, the manufacturing stage can begin. The toy first gets to strike a pose in our photo studio. The next step involves creating the packaging. Painstaking attention to detail is required here: the packaging produced by our graphic designers must be attractive and effectively protect the toy, without being superfluous.


Market launch

The toy is presented at trade fairs to our customers: toy retailers who will hopefully choose to stock the products in their stores with the aim of appealing to mums, dads and little ones alike!

Marc, direction artistique

Son super pouvoir de designer :







Our values & commitments

Janod is committed to children and their development by advocating values such as children’s development through play and the protection of the environment in which they will grow up. We strive to design beautiful, useful products, and therefore high quality standards and constant checks are a must.

Safety & quality: our priorities

The quality of our products and safety of the children who use them, are our top priorities. Therefore, our Quality team is responsible for ensuring that our toy manufacturing processes comply with production standards. The same team is also tasked to constantly improve our products throughout their service life and works closely with our on-site Customer Service team, always with the common objective of offering safe, complete and high-quality children’s toys.

This 5 person-strong France-based team is in constant contact with our second Quality team, based as close as possible to the production sites. This second team is responsible for inspecting and controlling the products throughout the various production phases, and ensuring the on-site compliance of all quality requirements.

Our factories are regularly audited according to BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and/or ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries) standards by third-party companies. The BSCI certification is based on the working standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other international regulations, such as the European Convention on Human Rights, as well as each country’s specific national legislation. This framework covers the following topics: social responsibility policies, freedom of association, working hours and overtime, non-discrimination, prohibition of child labour and forced labour, special protection for young workers, payment of a minimum wage, measures to guarantee health and safety in the workplace, and the protection of the environment.

Every marketed Janod product complies with the current European law and regulations; this is reflected by the “CE” mark affixed to all of our products and packaging.

In order to prioritise safety, we painstakingly select our manufacturing partners with particular emphasis on the way in which the toys are produced. All the toys we market have been subjected to numerous tests before being made available to purchase and evidently comply with the current European standards and regulations. Certified laboratory-conducted tests are carried out on a regular basis throughout the toy’s production and construction cycle. Whenever the standards are updated, we perform new tests to make sure that our toys remain compliant. We never market a product deemed to not comfortably meet all of the current standard requirements or if we do not have full laboratory approval.

We are using more and more FSC®-certified wood and cardboard for our games and toys, and are working to expand our offer.

The varnishes and paints used in our toys are tested by laboratories in accordance with current standards and regulations. Quality standards apply to our paints and varnishes. Water-based paint is used on some of our toys and is preferred for early-learning toys intended for children under the age of 3, who tend to put them in their mouths. In addition, we  test the paint for discoloration to saliva for toys intended for children under the age of 3.

We also use vegetable-based inks to print most of our cardboard toys made in France (puzzles and board games): in addition to being more rapidly recyclable and biodegradable, these inks are tested in the same way as our paints and varnishes.

Spare parts

Extend the life of your Janod games and toys!

Responsibility: we all have a role to play

By being aware of the consequences our actions can have on the younger generation, we prioritise limiting our brand’s environmental impact and making children aware of the need to protect biodiversity. Through meaningful actions and partnerships, we support associations that take care of little ones: as the toy is a symbol of learning – i.e. moments of giving and receiving – we believe that every child should be able to experience these moments...

Our partnership with the WWF®

Janod and WWF® have worked closely together to create a collection of toys designed specifically to raise families’ awareness when it comes to the protection of biodiversity. For each product sold, a percentage of the sale price (7%) goes towards supporting the NGO’s actions.

Our reforestation programme that works with children

Since 2019, in association with Kinomé (through its ‘Forest & Life’ programme) and the French National Forests Office, Janod has been committed to reforestation by financing and helping to plant trees with local schools.

Our actions for early childhood

Janod is the official partner of La Semaine Nationale de la Petite Enfance (France’s National Early Childhood Week), has supported the Dons Solidaires association since 2017 and joined forces with the Make-A-Wish France association in 2022. Through these society-based actions, we want to help provide more solidarity to the most-deprived communities.

Reducing our packaging

Since January 2020, we have removed plastic from the packaging of 127 products. Our goal is to use the bare minimum packaging and make progress, year after year, together with the help of our suppliers.

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