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Memory Game - Ladybugs

◦ Memory game for children aged 2 years and up

◦ Developed in collaboration with a school teacher

◦ Develops nursery children's sense of deduction

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Free delivery from 30€ purchase

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Let’s head to the garden for a game of hide and seek! This pretty ladybird-themed memory game will prompt children aged 2 years and up to develop their sense of observation. This scalable game boasts 2 levels of play: first off, you can hide a ladybird under the flower pot and ask the child to find the missing insect by testing their memory. The second level involves prompting children to observe a logical sequence of coloured ladybugs before hiding them behind the cardboard bush: your toddler will then have to reproduce the sequence of colours using the tokens. However they decide to play, your child will win “trophy” leaves that they will enjoy accumulating as they progress! This educational game consists of: 8 coloured ladybirds, 16 wooden tokens, 1 cardboard flower pot, 2 cardboard bushes and 10 “trophy” leaves. A cotton bag is also included to better store and carry all the pieces. The garden is a source of discoveries and experiences for children, even from a very early age. And it’s always when you least expect it that a pretty ladybug lands on you! This is why these mischievous little insects are in the spotlight in this edutainment game. Each game is played by 2 people, either two friends or with an adult for a learning experience adapted to the child's pace. Little ones can create colourful sequences of varying length and complexity, to help bolster their progress. This game for nursery-age children is ideal for stimulating their memory and sense of deduction, whilst allowing them to work on the concept of logical sequences and colour recognition. This educational game is made from FSC™-certified wood and cardboard. It is part of the Janod educational range, developed in collaboration with a school teacher to ensure the best possible fit with the learning and curriculum at each level.

Product info
Dimensions 23 x 10,5 x 14 cm
Box type Pretty closed box
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My First Seek and Find - The Farm
  • New

My First Seek and Find - The Farm

A little trip to the farm, what do you think? This Seek and Find game is intended for children aged 3 and over. The objective: find the element of your card on the board as many times as the number indicated on the die. On the farm, there are funny animals, fruits and vegetables and also machines that you will have to find! This is an ideal board game for developing children's sense of observation and logic. To make the games even more fun, place a finger on each element found on the board: let's do a little gymnastics! One of the particularities of this seek and find game is its double-sided game board: white side or green side, it is made up of 4 removable parts to bring more or less difficulty to the games. The 20 included double-sided cards work like the board. In total, this observation game contains: 1 double-sided game board in 4 parts, 20 double-sided cards and 1 wooden die. The other advantage of this collaborative game is the different game modes: from 1 to 4 players, children can form a team to easily find the most elements and win together! The game can also be played in "solo" mode to set your own challenges. Finally, a "rapido" variant is offered, the goal: to win as many cards as possible over a period of 5 minutes. The duration of a classic game is approximately 15 minutes. The modularity and simplicity of the rules of this seek and find game make it a fun educational game, all in the world of the farm. It is the first search and find for little ones, suitable from kindergarten, to invite them to calm and observation. For our part, we go looking for 5 chickens. You come ?

In stock