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Janod is committed to children and their development, advocating values such as a child’s development through play and the protection of the environment in which they will grow up. Because we all have a role to play, we are taking priority actions in order to limit our impact on the environment and make children aware of the need to respect biodiversity.

A collection to raise awareness about the protection of biodiversity

Educational toys!

Our teams and WWF® have worked closely together to create a collection of eco-friendly toys. The aim of this range is to make children (and their parents) aware of the need to protect biodiversity.

30 games and toys for children from 1 to 14 years old have been designed and manufactured with sustainable materials: FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood, water-based paint and vegetable inks. Composed of early learning toys, puzzles and board games, this range aims to convey key messages to families about the preservation of the environment.

For each product sold from this collection, Janod donates a percentage of 7% of the sale price to support the actions of the NGO.

FSC® certified wood and cardboard

Vegetable inks

Water-based paints

Cardboard games made in France

FSC®-certified wood

From responsibly managed forests!

You may have noticed this little logo on occasions while browsing our site or our products. Found on the packaging of many of the toys and games concerned, and available in the filters at your disposal, this logo means that a toy is made of FSC®-certified wood and/or cardboard.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC ®) is a label that ensures that wood comes from responsibly managed forests.

In 2023, 52% of Janod wood and cardboard products are FSC® certified! Our goal is to reach 70% by 2025!

Responsible forest management is a practical response to protect and maintain the world's forests. This is exactly why the FSC® was created and why we, who produce wooden toys, must be committed to the health of our forests and of future generations.

52% of our toys

are FSC® certified in 2023

Limited packaging

New Alternatives

Since January 2020, we have removed plastic from the packaging of 127 products, representing approximately 950,000 pieces sold per year. In January 2021, all plastic (protective PET bags) was removed from each of our puzzle boxes.

Our aim is to have as little packaging as possible and to progress year on year with our suppliers for all the plastic materials in our boxes through new alternatives such as biodegradable, recyclable or recycled materials, like cardboard.

The majority of plastics are derived from petrochemicals and therefore have an impact on our environment. Furthermore, the presence of plastic in nature is a major source of pollution. We have decided to act, at our level, to limit these impacts.

127 products

that have had the plastic removed from the packaging since 2020

0 plastic

in the packaging of all our puzzles

Clay-based anti-humidity sachets

Without plastic!

Every time you bought one of our products, you used to find small silica-based anti-damp or dehydrating sachets in your boxes. The purpose of these sachets is to absorb moisture and ensure the integrity of the wooden and cardboard toys as they travel from our manufacturing facilities to their new homes.

Silica is a chemical compound that occurs naturally in the environment and in the composition of many minerals but is hazardous to health in the form of dust and so packaged in plastic.

We have replaced these silica sachets with 100% natural clay-based sachets, with packaging made of recycled paper. This represents almost 4,560,000 sachets per year. All these efforts represent 5.3 tons less plastic for Janod and the other brands of the JURATOYS group!


sachets used per year on average, which means:


tonnes less plastic!

Let's reuse!

Discover some smart, eco-friendly ways to reuse damp-proof sachets in daily life:

A reforestation programme

With the children!

In association with Kinomé, its ‘Forest & Life’ programme (for reforestation and the link between French, African and Latin American forests) and the French Office National des Forêts, Janod has been acting for reforestation since 2019 by financing and helping to plant trees with local schools and employees in the Jura department.

Each year 1,500 trees are planted in France. And for every tree planted in the northern hemisphere, two are planted in the southern hemisphere.

Children, parents, professionals, communities... All concerned to preserve our forests!

Play Video

1 tree planted in the northern hemisphere

= 2 trees planted in the southern hemisphere


trees planted since 2019


children and ...


... employees made aware of the FOREST & LIFE program.

Another era of play:

toy rental with Lib&Lou

Lib&Lou is a start-up created in 2019 in Vierzon (Cher, France), which offers no-obligation subscriptions to rent games and toys. The Janod brand has been present on the platform since its creation, because it is highly appreciated by its founder, Morgane LONGO.

More than 100 Janod references were already available for rental since the launch of the platform, 45 additional references (educational toys, puzzles, musical games, toy boxes, etc.) have been added! The objective of this partnership is to better understand the use of our toys, what their life is like from little hands to little hands, to better evaluate wear and tear and improve from year to year in terms of durability and customer experience.

With this partnership, we are exploring new modes of consumption and experimenting with new horizons and thus responding to current environmental challenges. This partnership is part of the desire of the Juratoys Group, which includes the Janod brand, to engage in the circular economy and strengthen its CSR (Social and Environmental Responsibility) policy.

Actions for early childhood

And meaningful partnerships with :

Since 2018, Janod has been an official partner of France’s National Early Childhood Week: a week of mobilisation around a theme with games and stories for professionals, parents and children throughout France. This event is under the patronage of the Ministry of Health and Solidarity and the Ministry of Culture.

All individual or collective childcare centres are invited to take part free of charge in order to encourage the artistic awakening of children aged between 3 months and 3 years, to inform parents about the issues at this stage of life and also to promote the value of professionals in their daily work.

A wide range of educational, artistic and cultural events are on offer, such as early-learning play workshops, themed installations and conferences.

Participatory financing: in 2020, we wanted to set up a participatory financing project for the benefit of the association Agir pour la Petite Enfance on our website: 1€ donated to the association for each order placed on the site.

The funds raised enabled the association to organise an event at the Palais de Tokyo for the benefit of children with SpLDs (Specific Learning Difficulties) and without SpLDs, in order to highlight the importance of inclusion and to promote artistic and cultural awareness for all. Artists from Urban Sketchers Paris, in collaboration with the Palais de Tokyo, accompanied the children during this exceptional day.

Watch a video of the day here.

Since 2017, Janod has been supporting the association Dons Solidaires by offering games and toys to disadvantaged families. Dons Solidaires offers the donation as an alternative to destroying unsold items and enables the Janod brand to fulfil its social mission.

More than 337 associations benefited from the ‘NOËL POUR TOUS’ (Christmas for Everyone) programme since the partnership with Dons Solidaires started. 186,790 items have been donated by Janod and other brands from the JURATOYS group since the start of the collaboration, which means the same number of happy children!

In 2022, Janod and Make-A-Wish France® decided to join forces and align their stars to transform many lives together.

Those who have never had the chance to make their wildest wish come true don't know the impact it can have on a life. This is the goal of Make-A-Wish: to show children that nothing is impossible.

Thanks to the mobilisation of Make-A-Wish France® in partnership with Janod, and the participation of 12 artists, the sum of €21,800 has been raised to make the dearest wish of seriously ill children come true. The auction took place at the Carrousel du Louvre during the ‘Art shopping’ fair, and the event was sponsored by the famous artist Richard Orlinski.

12 Janod wooden rockets were customised and signed by renowned artists, who all mobilised for this cause: Jean André - M.CHAT - Antoine Corbineau - DFT - Séverine Dietrich - Tom Haugomat - Jérôme Mesnager - Quentin Monge - Mosko - Richard Orlinski - Agathe Singer - ZoulliArt

Look at the video of the event here.

Together, nothing is impossible!


items donated to the association Dons Solidaires since 2017


raised for Make-a-wish France® in 2022

Toys are at the heart of a child's universe: they generate stories, good times, but also teach about oneself and one’s environment. The younger generation is increasingly sensitive to the preservation of biodiversity, the protection of endangered species, the recycling of waste... And families are rightly more interested in giving children toys designed with the environment and values in mind.

We all have a role to play, which is why at Janod we are committed to designing educational games to raise children's awareness of the importance of preserving flora and fauna, and toys made from materials that respect nature, while limiting our environmental impact in every area possible: from sourcing to design, via packaging and manufacturing.

Learn more about our commitments: