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Ecosystem Balancing Game

Ref. J08642

Keep the balance both above and below ground with this 2-piece base!
A balance game designed for children aged 2 years and over
Position the 12 pieces to understand the important role each species plays

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Free delivery from 30€ purchase

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The balance of the forest’s ecosystem is fragile... even the smallest disruption can have big consequences! This wooden balancing game helps illustrate the importance of each and every species! How charming are all these animals in their favourite environment? But in order to live in harmony, everyone must retain their place in their ecosystem. Worms and leaves are located under the ground - in the base - while 12 animals have been installed on the surface, without making them fall! This game represents our ecosystem and is placed on a balance wheel to remind us of the balance between each plant and animal species that surrounds us. This game is ideal for developing the dexterity of children aged 2 years and up, whilst making them aware of the importance of each and every living thing. The characters in this balancing game are adorable and the colours are ultra-soft! FSC®-certified wooden toy (sourced from sustainably managed forests). Toy developed in collaboration with the WWF®. Janod is supporting the WWF®'s efforts to protect the environment and biodiversity with a range of toys made from more sustainable materials. With this range, we aim to inspire and empower the younger generation to stand up for wildlife and nature.

Product info
Dimensions 17,8 x 17,8 x 11,2 cm (6.69 x 6.69 x 4.33")
Material(s) Wood (basswood and plywood)
Box type Pretty closed box
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Sweet Cocoon Flower Balance Board
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Sweet Cocoon Flower Balance Board

Balance or complete a maze? There’s no need to choose with this balance board for children aged 5 years and up! This wooden balance board comes with 2 balls, a half-sphere beneath its petals and a fun maze in the centre. Ideal for developing your child’s gross motor skills, sense of balance and problem-solving skills, all at their own pace whilst they have fun! For this reason, there are 3 levels of play: little ones can place the balance board on the floor or a table and roll the ball around the maze with their hands (ideal activity for beginners). The second level consists of standing on the board and balancing for as long as they can: this requires a strong will and concentration! To make things even more challenging, the third level adds extra difficulty by encouraging little ones to complete the ball maze, whilst standing and balancing on the board: skill, coordination and patience are the keys to success! This motor skills-focused balance board is the perfect toy for encouraging children to challenge themselves and keep trying until their goal is achieved, and they can be proud of themselves. Ideal for integrating into an obstacle course or using every day to encourage little ones to move gracefully; this maze balance board boasts a play surface which makes it all the more attractive! Its flower shape makes it as pretty as it is easy for children to grasp, whilst the wood ensures true durability. This motor skills game is made from FSC™-certified wood. The maximum weight supported by the balance board is 50 kg. This product is part of our Sweet Cocoon collection.

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