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Big Wheel of Madness Applepop

◦ Designed for children aged 5 and up, for a 2-player challenge

◦ Ideal for developing concentration and strategising

◦ Includes 1 Ferris wheel and 16 wooden character pieces: watch out, the wheel also spins!

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Get ready to turn heads! Intended for children aged 5 years and up: this version of the Nim game revisited in the style of a wooden Ferris wheel is a puzzle game the whole family can enjoy. It’s the ideal game for enhancing little ones’ concentration and strategy development. Included in the box: 1 wooden Ferris wheel and 16 character pieces. The aim of the game is simple: remove 1, 2 or 3 characters each turn and be the last player to leave a character on the Ferris wheel. This puzzle game – designed for 2 players – prompts children to challenge each other to strategic duels, whilst also sharing and learning. Will they be able to anticipate the wheel’s movement? What tactics will they use? This game of skill guarantees many a happy and suspense-fill hour of fun! The wonderful timeless style of this Ferris wheel will evoke sweet memories of cotton candy in even the oldest players; whilst the animals have painted funny expressions as they’re really not sure what awaits them! This strategy game is part of our APPLEPOP range; a collection of fun and quirky funfair-inspired games. This game is made from FSC™-certified wood.

Product info
Dimensions 20 x 7 x 21 cm
Material(s) Wood
Box type Pretty closed box
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Enchanted Stories
  • New

Enchanted Stories

Bet on the rest of the story! The principle of this board game for children aged 5 and over is as simple as it is wonderful: the players take turns being storytellers and must choose a continuation of the story from two cards, the other players then bet on the choice of storyteller and try to guess the next twist! It is a storytelling game, combining imagination and deduction. In each of us there is a secret chest: it is your imagination, which contains 1001 untold stories. The evil raven Silenzio has stolen the key to this chest, and your mission is to get hold of it to unlock it and tell all the hidden stories! To do this, you can play by collaborating or challenging each other: this is where the more strategic part of this narrative game comes into play! Indeed, each player has tokens that he uses to bet on the possible continuation of the story. What event will get our hero out of a bad situation? What universe will he dive into? Try to guess it, and bet intelligently! The other advantage of this board game is its box serving as a game board: the cards are visible, the location of the tokens is indicated, and everything changes when the rest of the story is revealed! This collaborative game contains: 80 cards and 42 key tokens in 7 different colors. You can play with 2 and 7 players. A game lasts approximately 20 minutes. So, open your mind to all the possibilities and use strategy to guess which sequence your neighbor will choose!

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