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Dino-themed games and toys

Whether the children are "team T-rex" or "team Tyrannosaurus Rex" , Janod games on the theme of dinosaurs make everyone agree! Diplodocus, Triceratops and other Stegosaurus are also on hand for a guaranteed immersion in the heart of the Jurassic. From 12 months to 8 years old, a dinosaur toy can be as cute as it is impressive, as educational as it is fun!

Our Dino collection offers baby toys with dinosaurs, for the youngest fans of these majestic creatures: wooden carrier, activity volcano, evolutionary puzzles... But also dig game, vehicles and garage, puzzles in volume, magnetic educational games, for older children from 3 years old who dream of being experts on the subject. Girls and boys are ready for a return to the Cretaceous!

A journey through time

Contrasted and resolutely contemporary, combining play, discovery and education, our Dino range is like a journey through the Jurassic period.

It also represents teamwork and sharing. A work between our designers and our illustrators, to allow this range to address even the smallest. Rounded shapes, attractive colors and smiling faces: the Janod dinosaur is mischievous and curious, but always reassuring. It invites baby to discover and enjoy the game.

Composed mainly of wooden early learning toys and games for children under 3 years old, the Dino collection offers original first-age toys allowing toddlers to get to know these mysterious creatures that will fascinate them as they grow up.

Older dino enthusiasts will find in this range educational games on their favorite subject, to learn more and imagine their own stories in the middle of volcanoes, under water or in the air.

All the toys in this range will appeal to both boys and girls: we wanted to develop mixed dinosaur games, in a fun and playful universe.

Dino Ride On

Baby dinosaur games, from 12 months to 2 years old

Wooden toddler toys

Handling, embedding and always discovering new things: baby's first toys on the theme of dinos invite you to adventure and awaken the senses! To build their logical mind and develop their motor skills, babies need to play. They experiment and are constantly looking for games to arouse their curiosity! There's nothing like wooden toys with a specific function to help them understand how things work, and when they're in the shape of dinosaurs, it's even more fun!

On his wooden carrier, baby develops his motor skills and moves on 4 wheels to discover his world in a whole new way. Well installed on his dino carrier, the child imagines traveling the plains of a world that has now disappeared.

Volcano and wooden activity table invite the little ones to experiment. A dinosaur rolls, one slides on a loop and the other comes out of a mysterious egg: a multitude of enriching activities are offered to baby!

Screw, open, fit... The  wooden puzzles and dino surprise eggs have been designed to develop the fine motor skills of the little ones. Logic and concentration are required and promise lots of surprises!

Dino Ride On

Children's dinosaur toys, from 2 to 3 years old

Discoveries in the world of dinos

Make room for construction and imagination in the heart of the Jurassic ! Children love to imagine stories with their toys, here the dinosaurs are the stars.

With their wooden dino garage , the little ones roll the figurines and invent crazy races: the rolling dinosaur goes up in the elevator and hurtles down the slope, but watch out for the cacti at the end of the track!

To develop memory and logic, there's nothing like a wooden memo game. This famous board game puts dinos in the spotlight! Adorable baby dinosaurs hatch from their eggs and need help finding their sibling.

With their dino magnets, children imagine all kinds of scenes on magnetic surfaces: ideal for developing the imagination! The dinosaurs come to life on the boards of children who can manipulate their wooden magnets and complete their drawings.

A construction game on the theme of dinos, it's a good way to develop logic and concentration! Using the models, children build 3 wooden dinosaur figurines : a triceratops, a diplodocus and a spinosaurus.

Memory Dino

Children's dinosaur games, from 4 to 5 years old

Create and manipulate to learn

Triceratops, T-rex and Allosaurus have no more secrets for them? Make way for new challenges for our dino lovers ! On the program: construction, dexterity and challenge in the Cretaceous era.

A dinosaur figurine is even more fun when you have to assemble it piece by piece! With a volume dinosaur puzzle, children develop logic, concentration and motor skills. From 27 to 42 pieces, these 3D puzzles are colorful and impressively realistic! A creation to keep to decorate the room of dino fans.

Does your child dream of becoming a paleontologist or archaeologist ? Give him a dinosaur- themed digging game ! Fossils and skeletons must be unearthed to reconstruct the silhouette of the dinos. All with pretty wooden accessories: magnifying glass, brush... More than 80 accessories are included in this educational game. A real work of patience and meticulousness in the service of discovery!

Children's dinosaur games, from 6 to 8 years old

Fun educational games

Knowing the origin of dinosaurs and their characteristics: this is what our educational games on the theme of dinos offer. To increase learning, make way for handling and assembling parts, for a journey through time!

With their 100-piece puzzle , the children assemble the chronological frieze illustrating the era of the dinosaurs: logic and visual perception are required. Once the dino puzzle is done, it's super easy to understand and locate the period when these creatures roamed the Earth!

Make room for magnets with our dino magnetic planisphere ! Learning while having fun is even more cool with magnets. Goal: place the dinos in the right place on the map, where they have been discovered today. A magnetic world puzzle that teaches geography with a natural history twist!

Discover the toys from the Dino range on video!

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Why do children like dinosaurs?

Do you find dinos scary? Not the children! These impressive creatures seem to come from our imagination, difficult to conceive that they nevertheless roamed the Earth several million years ago.

Unlike unicorns, dragons and other legendary creatures, dinosaurs did indeed rule the planet before disappearing in incredible circumstances. And that is exciting for the youngest! Fossils, footprints, skeletons... Many proofs of their existence are accessible to children nowadays. They love watching video reconstructions of their favorite dino, documentaries or cartoons, reading books on the topic or even going to the museum to admire the remains of the Jurassic with their own eyes!

"Why did the dinosaurs disappear?", "Which dinosaur is the strongest of all?", these are questions that children want answers to, and we understand them. From an early age, they want to know everything about their food, their habitat, their prey and their characteristics!

When you know the number of species already named and those that still remain to be discovered, you can very quickly imagine yourself as an archaeologist or paleontologist, looking for elements to learn more and more about dinos.

From amusing anecdotes to more technical information, children love learning while having fun with an educational game about dinosaurs or making up funny stories in Jurassic times with their toys .

Dino Activity Table