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Gift ideas for children aged 1 to 2

For those who are new to walking, those who love stacking things or who are passionate about vehicles: toys are the source of all discoveries! Janod has designed fun and durable wooden early childhood toys, loved by babies; to stimulate their senses, make them laugh out loud or even encourage their movements!

Rockers, ride-ons & walkers

Gift ideas for children aged 2 to 3

Explorers of unknown worlds, conquerors of captivating universes... Between 2 and 3 years old, a whole world is being built, in the imagination, but also in the daily lives of children. To satisfy their thirst for knowledge and support them in their first learning, Janod designs educational games which also stimulate the imagination: to learn without realizing it!

Kitchens, dinnerwares & accessories

Gift ideas for children aged 4 to 5

When it's not energy that's overflowing, it's imagination! At 4 and 5 years old, we invent, we draw... In short, we express ourselves! To encourage learning about oneself, the world and others, Janod has imagined edutainment games that invite children to collaborate to win, to try to understand, and to build with pride.

Educational magnetic games

Gift ideas for children aged 6 to 7

“How does a plane fly?”, “How big is the world?” : so many questions that curious little ones aged 6 and 7 can ask themselves! To cultivate their desire to take on challenges and learn on a daily basis; to gain confidence and knowledge, Janod offers fun games that give impetus to children's desires!

Puzzles up to 200 pieces

Gift ideas for children aged 8 and over

Always in search of discoveries, also to better discover themselves, 8 year old children love challenges! Whether creative or cultural, to do alone or with the family, the activities offered by Janod for older children allow them to express their personality or learn more about their favorite subjects!

Arts & Crafts