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The cutest 2-in-1 game to take anywhere! Little rabbits and foxes keep you company to play two different games on the same board!
First game: Morpion...
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The cutest 2-in-1 game to take anywhere! Little rabbits and foxes keep you company to play two different games on the same board!
First game: Morpion (Tic Tac Toe). Players take it in turns to place a piece on the board. Be the first to line up three identical pieces to win the game, diagonally, vertically or horizontally! Second game: Chase. Players take it in turns to throw the dice and move their piece. Watch out, to win you need to get the exact number to be able to land on the last square! Otherwise, go back and start again! If a player arrives on a square already occupied during the race, he will take the place of his opponent who will return to the start!
A wooden board game ideal for children from 5 years old and up to 2 players. With its refreshing colours and cute animals with felt ears, this game of strategy and chance is practical for taking everywhere! Perfect for playing with family or friends. Water-based paint. Contains: 1 double-sided board, 5 rabbit pieces, 5 fox pieces and 2 dice.
Product info
Dimensions 15.8 x 4 x 25 cm (6.2 x 1.6 x 9.8")
Material(s) Wood
Box type Lovely illustrated box to easily store the game
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Museum Survie (Only In French)
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Museum Survie (Only In French)

An eerie atmosphere at the natural history museum... Are you ready for an adventure in the heart of a museum where many surprises await you? You are hired as night guards at the city museum. It has to be said that all the previous guards have resigned! That’s strange? But when you start your nightly rounds, you discover that the museum's works of art come to life at night! So you’ll have to keep an eye on them, because if you don’t do your job, they will escape and cause trouble in the city! Can you keep some semblance of order in the museum to save the city? If you manage to survive the number of rounds determined at the start of the game, you’ve won! So, shall we spend a night at the museum? This edutainment survival game consists of 7 ‘Night watch’ cards, 30 ‘Escape in progress!’ cards, 13 ‘Alarm’ cards, 1 red filter to check the answers and 2 ‘Works of the museum’ posters. It allows children from 8 years old to develop their knowledge of works from famous museums and of historical periods. On the programme, general knowledge about Egypt, Prehistory, Africa... This survival game for children is also cooperative to develop a sense of cooperation and of winning together (from 2 to 6 players) by solving puzzles. A game can last around 30 minutes for total immersion in the museum! Attention, the game is only in French.
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