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Connexion Inscription
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Dreamland Glittery Outlines and Patterns

◦ Reverse coloring activity ideal for ages 8 and up

◦ 6 paintings to decorate with lines and patterns

◦ For a moment of calm and creative expression

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Free delivery from 30€ purchase

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Have children try reverse coloring! With this creative kit, little artists aged 8 and over will have to trace the outlines of the illustrations already printed on 6 boards. Black or glitter lines: it's the children who decide! Some areas can even be completed with patterns of their choice. This is a creative box that invites attention to detail and offers real satisfaction, even to beginner designers! This creative leisure box contains: 2 rectangular boards (19.5x23.5 cm), 2 round boards (19.5 cm in diameter), 2 square boards (19.5x19.5 cm), 3 mini colored glitter gel pens different, 1 black acrylic marker. A booklet with advice and models is also provided, ideal for having an overview of the final result and progressing at your own pace throughout the creation. This tracing activity invites you into a wonderful world, where good humor reigns and where the illustrations gain relief as the artists draw their contours! It will take around 1 hour to complete each painting: a manual activity that promises calm and creative expression for a long time! Once created and adorned with their finest details, the paintings are ready to be offered or proudly displayed to decorate your room.

Product info
Dimensions 22 x 3 x 26 cm (8,6 x 1,2 x 10,2 in)
Material(s) Paper, cardboard, glitter, sand, wood
Box type Pretty closed box
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Paint By Numbers Dinosaurs

Paint By Numbers Dinosaurs

Anyone can paint with paint by numbers! Explore the world of dinosaurs with this set that contains everything you need to paint 2 pictures, without going over the lines! Children from the age of 7 will develop their artistic talents and dexterity and create magnificent paintings that they will be proud of. With 15 pots of watercolour paint and a brush pen with water reservoir, painting incredible dinosaurs is child’s play! One of the paintings even has gilded details, for a truly satisfying result. There is also a frame to paint, to display your creations on the wall and decorate your room!

Contents of the set: 2 paintings to paint (including 1 with gilding details), 1 watercolour paint palette (15 pots, 1 sponge, 1 brush-pen with water reservoir), 1 frame to paint.

The principle of painting by numbers:

For a change from colouring and for an impeccable result, painting by numbers is a creative hobby that will occupy young and old alike and offers a moment of relaxation and artistic expression. Each colour corresponds to a number present on each area of the picture to be painted. These areas are marked by outlines, sometimes gilded, which must not be exceeded: young artists will see an illustration or decoration appear with each brushstroke, worthy of the greatest artists! Young creatives will be busy and focused for long periods of time, in order to bring their creations to life. They will be proud and happy to show their favourite paintings to the whole family! It will take about 6 hours to complete this beautiful painting.

♥ The Paint by numbers range from Les Ateliers du Calme ♥

The watercolour paint covers well and is odourless. With a fast drying time, it gives a poetic finish to children's paintings. The brush-pen with water reservoir is very practical, no need to have a glass of water that needs regular changing to have a clean brush! Fill the reservoir with water, and when you want to clean the tip of the pen, use the sponge provided: smart! A pen to reuse for your next paintings once the activity is finished. Animals, dinosaurs, unicorns? With these themes so loved by children, there’s a set for everyone!

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Creative Drawing Box 20 Dinos Models
  • New

Creative Drawing Box 20 Dinos Models

Draw dinosaurs in just a few strokes! With this special creative drawing box, children aged 6 and over can easily learn to reproduce 20 models step by step. Ideal for developing your dexterity, mastering your drawing and thus learning to draw the elements of their favorite universes like a pro! This learning to draw kit transports children to the world of dinos, where they learn step by step to draw these fantastic creatures. In addition to the models, the box contains: 25 white sheets, 1 HB lead pencil and 1 eraser. Each model is broken down, and everything necessary is provided so that little ones can practice drawing and improve: soon, they will be able to reproduce dinosaurs without models, and perhaps they will make modifications to them by letting their imagination speak ! Even a beginner in drawing will enjoy reproducing the models, because it is ultimately very accessible when the illustration is broken down into several illustrated stages. With just a few strokes of the pencil, fantastic dinosaur drawings appear! It is a real satisfaction for the children, who benefit from a stimulating and creative activity. Concentration and precision are essential when learning to draw, then with confidence comes the desire to personalize the drawings... Or to draw even more! This creative drawing kit for children is part of our “ Step By Step Drawing ” range, a series of boxes allowing children aged 6 and 7 to learn to draw step by step.

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