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Cultivate children's curiosity with our collection of toys on the theme of the farm and its animals!

Get out there with our selection of toys about the farm and its animals : from friends in the barnyard to those in the barn, including the vegetable garden and the unmissable farmer's market, each toy is designed to capture the essence of country life.

Synonymous with simple moments, in contact with nature and to the rhythm of the seasons, the farm is a universe offering fertile ground for children's imagination. Observing the cycle of nature, understanding the link between people and the environment, but also discovering a wide variety of activities, are all learning opportunities favored by the agricultural world.

Through this collection of wooden toys, we are committed to supporting the development of toddlers' motor, cognitive and social skills. The notions of responsibility and respect for nature, associated with life on the farm, are also values ​​that we share.

With our farm-themed toys, we invite young and old to explore together a world full of childhood memories, funny animals, seasonal fruits and vegetables... Slow down, and cultivate their curiosity!

My First Farm

From 12 to 18 months: educational toys for their first discoveries on the farm

This special selection for toddlers is designed to awaken the senses and stimulate baby's fine motor skills, from 12 to 18 months.

On the program: a pyramid of cubes to discover farm animals by stacking the shapes or hiding the wooden chicken figurine included, but also a hammering bench (or "Tap tap") with cute vegetables to develop the hand-eye coordination.

If you're more of the "mother hen" type, you'll love our little wooden henhouse and its barnyard: it contains everything you need to imagine lots of stories and manipulate shapes. There are a multitude of ways to enter for our chicken friends!

To encourage movement or for fans of machines, we offer a tractor and its trailer to pull: with its animal figurines and its cord, you can walk around or invent crazy adventures in the meadows, as you wish!

A magnetic toy is always a great way to increase play scenarios for your child. This is why we have designed two sets of magnetic cars with a choice of pets or farm animals. The little wooden cars connect to form a beautiful little train ! Each animal has a vehicle in the image of its favorite food. Let's go for frantic races on the farm!

From 2 to 3 years old: manipulation and imagination for small farmers

Specially designed to encourage active exploration and imaginative play, this selection dedicated to children aged 2 and 3 encourages motor skills and imitation. To do so, children have sets of wooden beads to thread with the image of farm animals (and more precisely, our friends the sheep) or the vegetable garden with its tractor and its many vegetables to harvest. It is a great activity to improve the dexterity and concentration of toddlers.

The puzzles, like the inhabitants of the farmyard; or even farm animals and their babies; strengthen problem-solving skills and vocabulary. It's even smarter when they are evolving puzzles, with a number of pieces ranging from 6 to 16, to adapt to the progress of your youngster.

How about we go see what's going on in the barn? In the little ones' first wooden farm, the wisest animals sleep peacefully in their boxes, and the most mischievous ones play hide and seek in the hay! With 17 accessories, including a tractor, this large wooden farm will be the scene of crazy rural adventures.

Do you like to eat local? Of the season? Then our “Farm Market” wooden merchant is made for you! With its 32 accessories, its larger-than-life shopping nets, and its generous stalls: the farmers' market is open! Children will love imitating the adults by running their own little business, and playing merchant is always more fun when you offer fresh farm products.

Discover our other farm-themed toys, for even richer experiences: