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Algorithms - Frog

Algorithms and logical sequences will become easy-peasy for little ones!
Wooden educational toy designed for children aged 3 and over.
They’ll learn to have fun both on their own or with another player

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It’s time to learn and play with our greedy frog! 36 yummy flies are on the menu! But beware, the batrachian is very particular and there is an order that must be followed so he can properly digest these delicious delicacies. Children aged 3 years and up will have fun with the logical sequences, whilst reinforcing their nursery teachings and developing their visual acuity. This educational game will help children learn to differentiate colours and identify a logical sequence. They will be tasked to reproduce a series of colours according to the example indicated on one of the 12 double-sided model cards. Once this notion has been mastered, you can join in the fun and help the children learn algorithms and simplify this notion, thanks to our pretty wooden frog. Its long tongue - composes of 3 interlocking wooden pieces - allows a good number of flies to be arranged and the sequences to be repeated. This toy is made from FSC®-certified wood and cardboard. It is part of an educational range developed in collaboration with a school teacher, in order to best match the learning and progress at each level.

Product info
Dimensions 21 x 5 x 14 cm (8.26 x 1.96 x 5.5")
Material(s) Wood (poplar plywood - beech), Cardboard, Cotton
Box type Pretty closed box
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Gaston and the Emotions (Only In French)
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Gaston and the Emotions (Only In French)

If you have young children, then you must have certainly heard of Gaston, the Little Unicorn, who changes colour according to his emotions! And if you haven’t, you soon will! Children love the Little Unicorn as he allows children to better understand their emotions and the importance of knowing how to cope with them. In this game for children aged 3 years and up, Gaston’s emotions are put to the test: children are tasked to do everything they can to rebalance his emotions and help the unicorn live peacefully with both himself and others around him. As children describe the small scenes, they will be able to express their feelings and in turn, become more aware of the emotions that can sometimes overwhelm them. When they have collected the 6 different emotions, Gaston will feel better. 52 “scene” cards, an emotion spinner and a pretty magnetic unicorn with its different-coloured mane pieces will help little ones explore the world of emotions and share their feelings with their family. If all the players have managed to collect the 6 different emotions before Gaston’s mane is completed, the players have won! Breathing and sophrology exercises are included in the booklet to help children master both their breathing and balance. This game comprises 42 magnetic puzzle pieces (for Gaston’s mane), 1 spinner, 1 magnetic silhouette of Gaston with a mane to be assembled, 4 individual game boards, 52 scene sketches and 1 booklet containing 6 breathing exercises and tips for parents. Game only available in French. One game lasts around 15 minutes and can be played by 2 to 4 players.

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