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Ratatouille Set

It’s time to don our aprons with this set of 32 accessories!
Follow the recipe and make a chef-worthy ratatouille
Comes with a cutting board and wooden oven dish - suitable for ages 3 and over
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Free delivery from 30€ purchase

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And tonight’s special is: ratatouille! Budding chefs aged 3 years and up will prepare a rainbow-coloured meal with this set of wooden and felt kitchen accessories. How, you ask? Easy-peasy, simply follow the illustrated recipe provided! And that's not all, a total of 32 accessories are provided to help prepare this famous Mediterranean dish: 1 wooden courgette to be cut into 5 slices, 1 wooden aubergine to be cut into 5 slices, 4 wooden tomato slices, 2 wooden onion slices, 5 felt pepper slices, 3 fabric herb sprigs, 1 wooden salt shaker and 1 wooden pepper shaker, 1 wooden knife, 1 cardboard cutting board and 1 wooden baking dish. This pretend play set is made from FSC® wood. With this children’s kitchen set, little ones can make a classic dish, time and time again! Little cooks will use the knife to chop the vegetables into slices and arrange the food in the dish, as and how they please; this kit is ideal for stimulating motor skills and the imagination. A recipe to discover or rediscover as a family, whilst spending time together! This traditional dish will find pride of place in a children's kitchen... Or even on a worktop in their parents’ kitchen!

Product info
Dimensions 20,6 x 12,2 x 4,1 cm (7.87 x 4.72 x 1.57")
Material(s) Wood, cardboard and fabric
Box type Pretty closed box
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Can you smell the delicious smell of grilled sausages? Meals are sure to be festive with this magnificent wooden barbecue toy, that is very realistic! Children, put on your aprons, you’re the chef! Barbecue evenings, the not-to-be-missed events of the summer, will now be able to take place all year round, orchestrated by our little chefs, who will be delighted to take their parents' place doing the cooking. With this mobile Barbecue on legs, children from 3 years old can have fun cooking for their friends. On the menu, lots of accessories to develop the culinary imagination: 57 in all! 35 food ingredients (2 sausages, 1 steak, 4 slices of tomato, 14 slices of pepper, 4 prawns, 4 slices of aubergine, 4 slices of onion, 1 jar of hot sauce and 1 jar of mustard). The essential tools needed to grill things perfectly are naturally included: 2 skewers, 1 knife, 1 spatula, 1 pair of tongs and 1 fabric pot holder to grab everything you need without getting burnt! The fun charcoal is represented by 15 pieces of different-coloured felt. This highly original imitation toy on the theme of the kitchen, is easily moved around thanks to its 2 silent wheels and is very stable. Its natural style with wood and brown/orange tones also make it a very pretty and decorative game. This toy is perfect for developing gross motor skills and creativity. Pretend play cooking toy made from FSC™-certified wood.

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Candy Chic Big Cooker (wood)

Candy Chic Big Cooker (wood)

As cooking is always a pleasure, Janod invites you to discover the Candy Chic Big Cooker in sweet candy and candyfloss colours! Cooking is a perfect imitation game that allows children to build themselves through many learning experiences: they integrate the codes of their environment that they replay independently, they develop their language, their imagination and their motor skills! Children's cookers are therefore very rich and complete games! This pink and golden wooden cooker will take children from 3 years old on a journey to the land of sweet and delicate flavours. It is perfectly equipped and little ones will be able to imagine themselves in a real kitchen thanks to its numerous accessories: a hook to hang the metal ladle, a metal pan and lid and three cardboard food boxes (orange juice, cocoa, sugar). We also love the LED sound induction plate! Just press the red buttons once and the plates light up, then a second time to hear the sound of boiling water. The sound and the induction plates turn off automatically after 30 seconds or if you press the red buttons a third time. And to turn you into a real little chef, you can't help but appreciate the oven and its 3 rotating knobs with sound effects, the microwave, the cupboard for storing accessories, the stainless steel sink and the clock, to keep things organised! This beautiful Candy Chic cooker is ideal for making cooking the great specialty of your children! Height of the worktop: 50 cm (19.7"). This product is made of FSC® -certified and other controlled material.

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