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ROAARR Challenge Game

  • A game of speed suitable for children from 4 years old
  • Each player becomes an animal!
  • Cacophony guaranteed!

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To be the best at Roaarr Challenge, you will have to speak up and make sure you’re the first to be heard! Budding impressionists will need to fine-tune their best animal calls to win! This hilarious game for children from 4 years old is a game of speed where observation skills and concentration are key to success. Each player takes on the role of an animal: they can only express themselves through their cries. The aim of the game? Win the most cards by being the fastest to scream out whenever 2 identical cards appear on the table! Things are about to get loud! Designed for 3 to 10 players. Contains 109 cards and 11 tokens. Paper cards and cardboard counters. This product is made of FSC® -certified and other controlled material.

Product info
Dimensions 10 x 5,5 x 12,5 cm (3,9 x 2 x 4,7")
Material(s) cardboard, paper
Box type Lovely illustrated box to easily store the game
Number of players 3 to 10
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Be the fastest to collect as many animals as possible! In this game of speed, children from 3 years old will have to catch as many Animal cards as possible according to a specific characteristic. They learn more about the animals and their features while playing! Which animal has scales? Which animal lays eggs? Find out with family or friends with this fun and entertaining card game! The game is very simple: place the 30 Animal cards on the table, face up. The Characteristic cards are in a pile, face down. Someone turns over the first Characteristic card. At the start of the game, each player has to catch as many Animal cards as possible that correspond to the characteristic indicated, you'll have to be quick! Then, check by turning over the Animal cards that the players have collected: you find all the features of the animal on the back of each card. If the player is wrong, he removes the Animal card from his hand and puts it back with the others. Then it's time to count the points: whoever has the most cards wins the round! The winner then wins the Characteristic card and you start again! It's a game full of twists and turns that you won’t tire of. The final winner is the one with the most Characteristics cards! A board game that is educational and accessible to everyone, from 2 to 6 players. This card game is made of FSC® -certified and other controlled material.

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